Connected by Nature explores the ways in which nature connects people and places.

Around and between

How people relate to the natural world (as individuals and as humanity) is an important, if usually overlooked, aspect of the discussion about environment, sustainability, and modern progress. Nature, of course, is everywhere. It surrounds and binds us. (Hmm, maybe that sounds too much like “the Force.”)

Rational thought — often our most prized possession — tends to dissect the world and extract resources for needs and interests. We cut and dig and slash and burn. Once in a while, we slow down and pay attention and perhaps appreciate.

My hope is that this site will engage readers and partners who have some interest in the natural world and our place(s) in it. If you marvel at the world outside — as a birdwatcher or nature lover, as an academic, or just as someone who lives on the land — or have an interest in environments, cities, and humanity, I hope you’ll find something worth your time.

I believe there is value in connecting people with places and connecting people between places.

Beginner’s Mind

Like I said, this site is an exploration — of the world, the sciences and humanities, places, and the spaces in between. It’s also an exploration of the world of blogs and social media.

I hope to connect with and learn from others who know a lot more about nature than I do (virtually anyone), and especially from those who know about the nature near where they live. I hope to learn from you.

I’m not sure where it will go, but I have faith in the idea and the journey.

Please send your comments and suggestions and ideas!

Contact: kenlohere [at] gmail.com

About me

I’m basically a city kid who is interested in cities and urbanism, environment and nature, health and well being, culture and design. I grew up in Los Angeles, mostly during the ’70s. My childhood included a lot of time spent wandering the hills of Griffith Park. I went to school in the San Francisco Bay area during the ’80s and have since lived in New York, with brief forays to Boston and to Ann Arbor, Michigan. I studied human biology and anthropology at Stanford and urban planning and public health at the University of Michigan.

I now live with my family in Brooklyn, New York, half a block from Prospect Park. From 2000 to 2007, I worked at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, developing health communications for the multilingual, multicultural communities of New York City. I’ve also previously worked in publishing and graphic design.

I’m not a birder, although I find raptors exciting.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ken

    It was nice meeting you last night. I have just glanced briefly at your blog, and hope to spend more time here in the future. I have linked you blog to mine, so it you want to reciprocate, I welcome that.

    Hopefully we will cross paths again.

    Bruce Zeines

  2. love your thinking and work—I teach Duke Urban Evt design and restortation—you are soooo correct about the lack of urban science
    tried to register to receive RSS hope it worked/ sally

  3. Thanks for the nice words, Sally (I hope RSS worked for you; I seem to be having trouble with your comment not posting up on the site…[better now])

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