Urban Bee

Kelly Brenner captured this wonderfully poetic image of an urban pollinator framed against the hustle bustle of the city.

Rather than going against the flow, bees in the city make sense. Studies suggest that bees often thrive in urban areas, which host a greater variety of plants than suburban yards or agricultural tracts. While pollinators — including bats, birds, bees, moths and butterflies — face many threats, urban beekeeping is growing rapidly. City dwellers (humans) can also help bees and other wildlife and conserve biodiversity by supporting wildlife gardens.

Kelly has a nice post on urban bees in her excellent blog, The Metropolitan Field Guide. She has also started the Seattle Urban Wildlife Group.

Photo credit: Urban Bee © Kelly Brenner/The Metropolitan Field Guide  (Many thanks to Kelly for permission to post her photo. You can find more of her photography on her Flickr page.)


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